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About XML Sitemap Generator


In technical terms, XML stands for Extensible Markup Language (XML). It's far a standard system-readable document layout, consumable via engines like google and other facts-munching applications like feed readers.

In the best of phrases, an Sitemap XML is a file that facilitates Google and different most important serps higher apprehend your website whilst crawling it.

It basically lists the URLs (pages) of a website in a structured way which permits you (the webmaster) to include additional information approximately each URL. This stages from facts like:

Whilst the page became final up to date
How regularly it adjustments
The way it pertains to other URLs in the site
Its level of significance to the general web page, etc.



The reality that XML maps listing pages for this reason and offer extra records approximately those pages help search engines like google and yahoo to move slowly your web page greater intelligently.

This essentially manner that an awesome Sitemap serves as a roadmap of your website which leads search engines to all of your vital pages.

XML is in particular essential if:

Your web site isn't always nicely-dependent or well-related (internal hyperlinks).
Your website is new and does not have plenty external hyperlinks.
Some pages on your website online are created dynamically (as it's far on a few eCommerce websites).
Your web site is big and/or has masses of archived content that may not be well-related. An example is a user-generated content web page, like process forums, whose pages get archived (and forgotten) after a period of time.
Your web page is simply a mean internet site however you care about engines like google indexing it appropriately.
XML map can also be useful for search engine optimization (seo).

Why? Due to the fact they allow Google and different search engines to easily discover crucial pages on your website, even if your inner linking is awful.

That is crucial because Google and different search engines like google indexes and ranks unique webpages, now not whole web sites.

So even if your homepage URL has already been crawled and indexed via the search engines like google, there may be nevertheless the want to offer them with a properly defined sitemap to help in exposing other pages that would otherwise be hidden from the spiderbots.

Think of your internet site as a house and each page of your web page as a room. Google might also recognise the house from ‘outdoor view’ however not always each and every room in it.

Now, think about an Sitemap as a blueprint or a map of your own home and the rooms in it. Google uses this blueprint to effortlessly and fast locate all of the rooms inside your own home.

And speakme about quickly finding your pages, if you posted a bit of content and it got copied and published some other place, Sitemaps may be very useful in establishing you as the unique source of the content.

How? Because via the help of an XML map, Google could be able to locate it first to your web site given that the XML report allows it crawl your website online quick and more often. Precis: replica content trouble resolved!

All of those benefits make you just need to create an XML to your website. And that is why we created the Sitemap Generator.



Sitemap Creator is a free, premium-quality online tool develop by The Best SEO Tools’ engineers to help you easily create functional XML Sitemaps for your website.

The sitemap generated can then be added to your website to start enjoying the benefits.

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